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BTS (방탄소년단) Release Sneak Peek Photos of AMAs Rehearsals, New Merch, Interviews Galore, and a Zedd Collab?!

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BTS (방탄소년단) is in the states and they are killin’ it with their crazy schedule!

The boys have been all over this week, doing interview after interview. Which you can check out here and here. So since then, the boys have done even more. (It seems impossible, right?)

So to start us off we have a few updates from the AMAs, which as you’re well aware, the boys will be attending and performing at. The official AMA twitter account has since released some beautiful behind the scenes photos of the boys’ rehearsals! You can check those out right here!

The AMAs official twitter also announced that a Merch store is now open! This online store features pins and patches galore!

In addition to the merch announcement twitter is also blowing up right now due to a tweet from artist Zedd. Within only hours of J-Hope mentioning in an interview that he would like to work with Zedd, the artist tweeted out,

“@BTS_twt hi guys. I hear u wanna collaborate with me. Let’s do it. :)”  and immediately gaining a response from BTS themselves saying “lets do it!!”

As well as the official AMA and Zedd news, ARMYs were finally gifted with the entirety of the Daily Denny interview from ET! In this interview, the boys answer several fan questions. These questions range from “what is your favorite song right now?” to “what is a habit that a member has that gets on your nerves?”

Check out the video below for their responses!

In the last post about BTS’ activities here in the states we noted that the boys had been on “OnAirWithRyan” with Ryan Seacrest, and the full version of that video has now also been released! With this longer version of the interview a few more questions have been asked and answered, as well as a couple more fans spoken to!

It’s just interviews galore for the group this week!

The boys also had a radio interview with Jojo this week, as was noted on the last post, but since then we’ve gained access to two more videos of the boys! In one of the videos we watch as the boys are gifted small Christmas presents and in the other we watch as they are once again interviewed by Jojo!

In addition to these fun interviews the boys also appeared for a “E! Live from the Red Carpet” segment (split into three videos). In the first two videos they answered what the weirdest request they’d ever gotten from a fan was, and their celeb crushes! (Hint: think “The Notebook”). As for the final video the boys tease for their upcoming AMA performance!

You can watch those videos here and here and here!

And finally, the most recent interview that has been released is an interview with 104.3 MyFM. This interview is absolutely lighting up the internet right now! Valentine, the host of the segment, began by introducing the group in Korean. The thought and effort put into this introduction has many ARMY’s touched. After the thoughtful introduction, the boys each choose a gift from under the tree and begin unwrapping! (RM’s reaction though).

How do you feel about the onslaught of BTS interviews and are you excited for their performance tomorrow night on the AMAs?

BTS Ama Sneak Peek


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