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BTS Snatches The Wigs Right Off Of American Viewers With “DNA” On The American Music Awards

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ARMY knew BTS would absolutely slay in their performance of “DNA” on the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs), but many of the viewers, both in attendance and watching from home, had their wigs ripped right off their head due to the boys.

OSKP was lucky enough to receive a call from Microsoft Theater with an invitation to attend the awards, and boy are we happy we accepted.

From the first light of day on November 19, 2017, ARMY from all over swarmed the plaza outside the Microsoft Theater and L.A. LIVE.  The ARMY Amino group gathered many of it’s members for a mass entourage to support the boys.  The fans had posters and were more than happy to chant and sing along to their songs outside the venue.  Their voices were even able to carry inside the venue, where many of the staff at the theater were fascinated by the commotion.

OSKP walked the red carpet and the talk of the town were those 7 Korean boys that everyone needed to know about.  Each news station, radio station, and celebrity station on the carpet was dying to know what all the fuss was.  As the boys made their way onto the carpet, the fan’s cheering could be heard from even inside the Microsoft Theater once again.  Their passion and support was surely an inspiration to the group, and hopefully helped them feel more confident.

BTS wasn’t the only incredible performance scheduled for the event, and as the venue filled and attendees began seating themselves with anticipation brewing, everyone knew it would be an event to last a lifetime.

The show began with a bang, with the two powerhouses, P!NK and Kelly Clarkson opening the event with a powerful pairing of their vocals.  Each performance was jaw-dropping, and the fans were so loud!  One of the most incredible thing was that the BTS fans weren’t just cheering for their boys, although they definitely did do so loudly, they were supportive of each and every performer and winner of the event.  Their behavior was inspirational and made a good name for K-Pop fans everywhere.

As the show came to a close, the moment all K-Pop fans had been waiting for finally arrived.  The stage opened up, and as the cameras panned to the announcer, the boys lined up.  Fans waited with baited breath as they made their way into place and then the music began!

The fan chants were incredibly powerful, and there was no mistaking them for normal cheering!  The group put on an amazing performance, with powerful moves, impressive vocals, and killer raps.  They showed American fans, and the world who was watching, why K-Pop is such an incredible genre and why fans are so passionate about it even when they don’t understand the language.

Watch their performance below!  We recorded it from our seat on the first floor!

As a result of their performance and the huge amount of support they received from the fans present, the term “BTS” ranked as the number 1 search term on Google with over 1 million hits!

The boys took to V-Live to share their gratefulness to the fans and express their disbelief that they were really able to do this performance.  Also, they revealed that the members had worked hard to study English and shared various phrases they worked on learning.

Jungkook expressed how big of an honor it was that he was able to be on the stage as a performer while Suga expressed how nervous he was prior to the performance!  The cheers seemed to help drive that away, however.

Finally, OSKP has gathered a ton of photos from the event for your admiration!  We want to say thank you to Microsoft Theater for inviting us and thank you to BTS for giving their all in every performance they do.

http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 http://www.vlive.tv/video/49008 BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance BTS AMA 2017 DNA PerformanceBTS AMA 2017 DNA Performance



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