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BTS takes us through their eras in latest 2017 BTS Festa photographs

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After taking us through their family portrait session, what more could BTS bring us?

How about a full era presentation of photos!  The boys split off, with representations from their latest eras, in this fun set of photographs!  We have have representations from Dope (Jungkook), Save Me (Jin), Run (J-Hope), Blood Sweat & Tears (Rap Monster), Spring Day (Jimin), and Not Today (V).

Check out their photos below!

2017-bts-festa-era-photos-watch-out-bangtan 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-watch-out 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-v-badass 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-v-pose 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-jin-in-the-middle Skip to main contentSkip to toolbar Dashboard Home Updates 5 All in One SEO General Settings Performance XML Sitemap Social Meta Robots.txt File Editor Bad Bot Blocker Feature Manager Upgrade to Pro Jetpack Dashboard Settings Site Stats Akismet Newspaper Welcome Plugins Install demos Support System status Theme panel Posts All Posts Add New Categories Tags Media Library Add New WP Smush Pages All Pages Add New Comments Subscribe Forms All Subscribe Forms Add New Subscription Settings Subscribers List Support Feedback Feedback Export CSV Contact Contact Forms Add New Integration Email Subscribers Subscribers Compose Post Notifications Newsletters Cron Settings Email Settings User Roles Reports Help & Info WooCommerce Orders Coupons Reports Settings System status Extensions Products Products Add product Categories Tags Attributes Appearance Themes Customize Widgets Menus Edit CSS Install Plugins Editor Plugins 3 Installed Plugins Add New Editor Users All Users Add New Your Profile Tools Available Tools Import Export SEO Data Import Visual Composer General Settings Role Manager Product License Shortcode Mapper Grid Builder About Settings General Writing Reading Discussion Media Permalinks Sharing Social Pug Toolkit Settings Extensions Performance Dashboard General Settings Page Cache Minify Database Cache Object Cache Browser Cache User Agent Groups Referrer Groups CDN Monitoring Fragment Cache Extensions FAQ Support Install About Collapse menu About WordPress One Stop K-Pop 53 Plugin Updates, 2 Theme Updates 00 comments awaiting moderation New Caching Performance Theme support SEO Howdy, onestoppopshoppe@gmail.com Log Out Help Screen Options You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’ Add New Post Enter title here Add Media Add Contact Form VisualText Paragraph Shortcodes Formats p Word count: 0 Toggle panel: Publish Publish Save Draft Preview (opens in a new window) Status: Draft Edit Edit status Visibility: Public Edit Edit visibility Publish immediately Edit Edit date and time Publicize: Facebook: One Stop K-Pop, Twitter: @onestop_kpop, Path: One Stop K-Pop, Google+: One Stop K-Pop Edit Details Settings Before you hit Publish, please refresh the following connection(s) to make sure we can Publicize your post: Refresh connection with Path Purge from cache Publish Toggle panel: Categories Categories All Categories Most Used Covers Drama Fan Art Featured K-Pop 100% 14U 24K 2PM 2wenty's 9Muses A.C.E AfterSchool Apink April Astory Girls Astro B.A.P B.Heart B.I.G B1A4 Beatwin Berry Good BigBang BIGFLO Black6ix Blanc7 Block B BONUSbaby Boyfriend Boys Republic Boys24 Brave Girls BTOB BTS C-Clown CLC CNBLUE Cosmic Girls Cross Gene Day6 DIA Double S 301 Dreamcatcher ELRIS EXID EXO F.T. 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ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment Link To Size 13 selected Edit SelectionClear Insert into post Choose Files 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-v-badass 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-black-and-white 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-v-suga-jin


2017-bts-festa-era-photos-v-jin-suga 2017-bts-festa-era-photos-1


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