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Defconn And Jung Hyung Don Set To Leave ‘Weekly Idol’

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Weekly Idol MC’s Defconn and Jung Hyung Don will be stepping down from their positions on the show.

The two will leave the show with the last filming session taking place on March 7, 2018.  The producer took to his personal Twitter account and expressed his sorrow for the change.  He stated that “I am so upset that we will no longer be with Weekly Idol.”.  He continued by thanking fans for the 7 years of love and support.

The show has been increasingly popular throughout the years, with idol groups attending and entertaining fans each week.  Reportedly, the show be looking for new MC’s and will restructure it’s formatting.

We are sorry to see them go but wish them the best of luck.

Weekly idol defconn donnie leaving


  1. kellopengyou February 22, 2018

    Hope Heechul can become the new MC!

  2. lubb♡dubb (@lubb_dubb) February 27, 2018

    So sad to see them leave T_T

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