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DIA has made their comeback with “Will You Go Out With Me” (Music Video Review)

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DIA has made a super adorable comeback with their second studio album, Yolo, and title track, “Will You Go Out With Me”.  This particular video was filmed in Japan and the story implies that she’s traveling with her friends and her love interest is talking to her.

The girls actually revealed a phone number in order for fans to contact them!  It wasn’t a personal number, but it went along with the video well and a few lucky fans got to talk to their favorite ladies.


“Will You Go Out With Me” has a very ‘pop’ vibe with a mix of a more chill style.  The music is catchy, but fits perfectly with the romantic tone that’s present throughout the music video.  Overall, it’s got such a sweet sound!

The lyrics are adorable when you take a look at what they’re actually saying.  It definitely describes the beginnings of a relationship when feeling start to form and the anxious feeling you get when you get a message or something from the person!


This is such an adorable video.  It switches back and forth between the girls dancing, Jung Chaeyeon texting her love interest, and the girls just hanging out.  It felt like we were just out and about with them for a normal day, which was a nice touch.  The video jumps around parts of Japan, from the coast to the city.

I loved the concept of texting throughout the video.  That’s the primary form of contact anymore, so it’s perfect that it’s being used for the music video.  Not only that, but it leaves the love interest to the imagination of the viewers!


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