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Dreamcatcher Returns With A Stunning New Music Video For “You And I”

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Update May 22, 2018:

The group continues to amaze in the next version of “You And I”!  In collaboration with Dingo Music, the girl’s rocked out live to their new track. From powerful explosions of killer vocals to the sweet antics that made them seem like the best of friends, there’s so much to love about the clip.

Watch Dreamcatcher’s live version of “You And I”  below!

Update May 21, 2018:

Dreamcatcher took on the relay challenge for “You And I” on the M2 YouTube channel! The girls show off their moves one by one in the stunning clip.  Watch them below!

Update May 14, 2018:

Dreamcatcher amazed in their music video, but they amaze even more so in their dance practice for “You And I”.  The girls are decked out in their normal outfits for this dance practice, quite a difference from their striking, and stunning, outfits for their promotions and music video.  Watch their incredible moves in the dance practice below.

Update May 10, 2018:

Dreamcatcher dropped their making of film for “You And I”.Go behind the scenes with the girls and watch tier adorable antics as they switch from serious to joking.

Along with the behind the scenes photos, the group also dropped their fan chant.  With grins and cheers, they run through the chant for “You And I”, their latest title track.

Watch it below.

Original Article:

Dreamcatcher is back with an incredible new music video for “You And I“.

The music video features their stunning dream-like world where horror and beauty meet in a clash that leaves fans breathless.  Their stunning vocals, rock concept, and beautiful outfits blend together to create a story in their music video.

“You And I” is featured as the title track for Dreamcatcher’s second mini album Nightmare – Escape the ERA.  In the track, the lovely ladies show definite improvement with their already impressive skills.

Watch Dreamcatcher’s return with “You And I” below!

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