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ELRIS introduces their members and announces their official debut date

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ELRIS is a new girl group signed under Hunus Entertainment.  They recently released individual teaser videos for each of the girls prior to debut, but didn’t show them explicitly.  Well, now we have a member list!

The group is rather young, with Sohee, Karin, Yukyung, Hyeseong, and Bella all born in 1999, and 6th member Karin born in 2002.  If Sohee sounds familiar, it should!  She’s actually the contestant Kim So Hee from K-Pop Star 6.

The debut is set for June 1, 2017, and each member will represent a different natural element for their concept.  Sohee will represent the ski, Karin will represent the forest, Hyeseong will represent the wind, Yukyung will represent water, and Bella will represent heart.

Check out their individual teasers below!



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