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EXID Performs “DDD” on RUN TO YOU!

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EXID (이엑스아이디) recently came back with their newest EP “Full Moon” and fans are going crazy for it!  

So in an effort to help promote the new album the girls of EXID have joined in on the fun with their own episode of 1theK’s “Run To You.” In this episode, the girls decided to dress up in adorable character costumes – Tom, Jerry, Jjanggu, and Monkey, to be specific – and walk the streets of Gangnam Square.

In addition to handing out flyers for the performance, the girls are shown talking with unsuspecting fans, taking pictures and even dancing with some of the people milling around, all while in full costume!

A little while later the girls are seen marching into an excited crowd, holding up the heads from their costumes. Upon entering the crowd, the girls reveal themselves now sporting a sexier look in black pants, red striped cropped shirts, and black jackets.

After talking to the crowd for a short while (and making sure those who received the flyers they so diligently handed out actually attended the performance) the girls begin the performance of their track “DDD” (덜덜덜) from their new EP!

“DDD” (덜덜덜) is an exciting and upbeat song with a strong performance to match! The members of EXID body roll, twist and shake their way through this funky song. Encouraged by the energy emanating from the large group of fans that have gathered around to watch the show. 

Finally, the girls end the show with a sweet “thank you” and massive smiles for their fans!

So what are your thoughts on EXID’s “Run To You” performance? Let us know!

EXID Run To You


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