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Girl’s Day will be ours in “I’ll Be Yours” (Music Video Review)

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The beautiful ladies of Girl’s Day have been tormenting fans with teasers of their newest song “I’ll Be Yours” from their latest album, Everyday 5.  These girls exude confidence and sass, and that’s definitely carried over into the music video!

Everyday 5 was just released, so be sure to check it out!


“I’ll Be Yours” has a very retro vibe, with a catchy jazz-like beat, horns, and the feel like it should be part of a Charlie’s Angel movie.  The song by itself is one sassy track, and adding in the girls’ vocals doubles the sass!  Their voices are confident and powerful, and you can tell they are really feeling the song.  They’ve got oodles of attitude, but it’s appealing.

The song is actually broken up into smaller sections, based on how it sounds.  Each of them seems to be segmented by a slower portion of the track.  I loved that it wasn’t just one continuous beat and felt segmented because it was unique.  It worked well with the different scenes in the music video too!

Girls DayI'll Be Yours Music Video


This video is probably one of the fiercest female K-Pop videos I’ve seen yet.  The girls just scream confident and powerful.  From their walk to their posture, they are hot and they know it!

The first things that stuck out to me when watching was it legs.  Legs everywhere.  Each girl has on high heels throughout the video and it just emphasizes their mile long legs.  I may have also started video shoe shopping while watching it.  Those heels were pretty adorable…

I loved the different styles of costuming used.  They also were designed to emphasize their legs, but they had different looks and feels.  Probably my favorite scene, outfit, and entire section, is the piano portion.  The dress is beautiful, with ruffles coming out around the skirt.  She looked amazing, and the piano was really lovely.  I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the silver dance outfits though.

Overall ,the girls showed off how confident they are in the video.  They had the boys drooling all over them.

Girls DayI'll Be Yours Music Video

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