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Got7’s “Sign” is stealing hearts

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Got7’s BamBam, JB, and Youngjae did a lovely performance of “Sign” that was just released to their V-Live channel!  The three boys are set up in front of mic stands while wearing suit jackets and nice shirts.  To be quite frank, they’re looking as suave and sexy as the song sounds!

This slower track gives the three a chance to really show off their strong points!  The vocals  of JB and Youngjae are on point and BamBam does a wonderful job! The three of them seem to be really embracing the slow, ballad like feel of the song.


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  1. coco (@ParagasClaire) April 1, 2017

    This is so cool. They also released Paradise with their hot performance by Jinyoung Mark & Yugyeom but i don’t know why jackson isn’t there. Maybe he’s doing the shopping mall all by himself hahaha.

  2. I love the part when they say “yoohoo!” during the chorus! They are so cute! ?

  3. Melina April 2, 2017

    They look so good! Especially BamBam, he’s so handsome and their voices are so amazing.

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