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iKON celebrates with “B-Day” (Music Video Review)

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iKON just made their comeback with their dual title tracks, “Bling Bling” and “B-Day”, and are they making a statement.  “B-Day” has a completely different look and feel than “Bling Bling”.


“B-Day” has a cheerful, playful vibe mixes well with the beautiful vocals.  This track, unlike “Bling Bling” has more of an emphasis on the vocal line of the group and it works really well with the different vibe the song has.  The hook is so catchy and has a chant feel.  The hook and “Welcome to Neverland” are actually probably the best parts of the entire track!

It’s hard to say whether this or “Bling Bling” is actually my favorite of their new tracks, since it’s so different. This track has more variance in the tempo which leads to some amazingly hyped dance breaks.


The video starts out with the boys putting in some sort of strange contact lenses, and ends with them waking up in a mysterious land with a beautiful group of ladies watching them.  In between, the boys go on a black and white meets color adventure through some sort of magical land.

Besides the adorable stripped VW Beetle, the dance is the best part of this video.  They practically do the ‘dinosaur walk’ as the hook starts.  The set itself is actually perfect for it too, with an Aztec look and feel.


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