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iKON show off their “Bling Bling” in latest music video (Music Video Review)

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iKON just made their comeback with their dual title tracks, “Bling Bling” and “#iKON celebrates with “B-Day” (Music Video Review)
http://onestopkpop.wpengine.com/ikon-celebrates-with-b-day-music-video-review/”, and are they making a statement.  “Bling Bling” is one of those tracks that just screams swag.


There’s just something about “Bling Bling” that just screams swag and badass.  The entire track has a heavy beat and fun feel.  Overall, the track is a sexy club hit with enough of a beat, you could really get your dance on.

One thing that stood out the most was that the raps were more prominent than anything.  The vocals felt a little muted when compared strength of the raps.  The horns and beat further emphasized the rap!


This video had a bit of an “American” vibe, especially with the club scene.  It was almost a Korea meets America themed video, and it was done extremely well.  Throughout the video the boys dance on and around some amazing looking cars!  I will admit, I drooled a bit at a few of them.  Pair that with the boys various baggy outfits and hoods covering their heads, and you’ve got yourself a strong music video.

One of the best things about “Bling Bling” was the dance.  The song itself left a lot of room for the dance to be absolutely popping, and it was.  From the basketball inspired dance moves to the swap back and forth between girls and the boys doing the same moves, there was so much going on!  Not only that, but the way the group did the dance moves with one starting and it waving down the line, was smooth and fit really well.


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