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IN2IT(Boys24) Kpop

IN2IT’s Jinsub Announces Departure From Group And Writes Handwritten Letter To Fans

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Jinsub from the group IN2IT will no longer be promoting with the group.

MMO Entertainment made the announcement on March 26, 2018 that he will be backing out of the group due to suffering from Meniere’s disease.  The disease is actually a disorder that impacts the inner ear and can cause feelings of vertigo.  It is also accompanied by hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and ear pressure.

Jinsub shared a lovely handwritten letter to fans informing them of his departure, but thanking them for their love and support.  He asks fans to continue to support the group and show them love, and states that he hopes to stand before them again soon.

Check out the original letter in the image below.

in2it jinsub departure

in2it jinsub departure


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