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Jackson Wang Takes Win For Best Male Solo Artist In 2017 OSKP Awards

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As promised, OSKP wants to do a special dedication for the lovely winners of the 2017 OSKP Awards.  Next up on the list is the energetic Jackson Wang of GOT7!

Jackson Wang was is a Hong Kong native who’s taking the various musical markets by storm.  He actually started off in fencing, winning various awards on the Hong Kong National Fencing Team.  In 2010, he decided to audition for JYP Entertainment.  At that point in time, he had two opportunities on the table; JYP or a fencing scholarship for Stanford.

Jackson took a risk and decided to pass on the scholarship, instead joining JYP Entertainment and moving to Seoul to begin his training.  He worked hard to prepare and appeared on WIN: Who Is Next just a couple of years later with Yugyeom, Mark, and BamBam.  The program also featured trainees who debuted in Winner and iKON.

His official debut didn’t occur until GOT7 released their debut single “Girls Girls Girls” in January of 2014.  As a unit, the group worked hard to impress.  In 2016, during their first Seoul concert, Jackson got the opportunity to perform his own compositions with BamBam and Yugyeom; “I Love It” and “WOLO”.

Throughout his time working with JYP Entertainment and GOT, he’s been actively working on solo projects and appearances.  He was a hilarious addition on Roommate in the second season.  It gave fans exposure to his dorky antics and charismatic personality.  He’s also been featured on a variety of shows like SNL Korea and Law of the Jungle in Korea.  In China, he was featured on Go Fridge.

One thing that isn’t as well known is the fact that he worked on various commercials.  One of his greatest would have to be “Generation 2” done for Pepsi.

He made his solo debut in China with Papillon, followed by the incredible release of “OKAY” that had many ‘not okay’! “Papillon” was an English track while “OKAY” was a combination of English and Chinese.

For a short while, with all of his solo activities, fans speculated that he was going to leave the group.  He shot back, stating that he wasn’t going to, and his fellow members released a touching video about him titled For Jackson From GOT7.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang is a force to be reckoned with in the musical industry.

Congratulations again to Jackson Wang for winning Best Male Solo Artist in the 2017 OSKP Awards!

Jackson Wang OSKP Awards


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  1. Maya95 December 23, 2017

    Go Jacky! 😀

  2. Jimout December 23, 2017

    Cool! I feel like he’s been getting more popular recently, that’s good news for him ^^

  3. Hans December 23, 2017


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