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Monsta X make an impactful return with their latest track “Dramarama”

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Monsta X is back with their 5th mini album, The Code featuring the incredible new title track “Dramarama“.

The urban funk song mixes well with Monsta X’s signature style of a more hardcore hip-hop.  The song features intense rap verses written by both Jooheon and I.M.

The beat has various different levels, with the catchy chorus, the climax that will pull you straight in, and the dance breaks.  Overall,  the harmonies and melody paired with the powerful raps make this stand out quite well.

The song is paired with a powerful music video that followers the members as they go through their individual story lines.  In the video, they receive a time traveling watch which leads to all sorts of trouble.

Watch Monsta X’s return with “Dramarama” below!

Monsta X Dramarama Music Video


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