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Monsta X Confirm Upcoming Release Of ‘MONSTA X-RAY 3’ For June!

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Monsta X’s V-Live series has won over the hearts of Monbebe all around the world.  The group takes the time to show their love by showing their dorky antics, competitive nature, and willingness to do crazy things!  After the end of season 2, fans waited anxiously for  the announcement for the third season.

Well, it’s official!  The group will be returning with season 3 of Monsta X-Ray in late June!

Starship Entertainment confirmed that the group was working plans for the show and talking about guest features.  They are, according to Starship Entertainment, currently filming and will release the show in late June of 2018.

Stay tuned for each episode! And get ready for Monsta X-RAY 3!

Monsta X-Ray 3


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