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Monsta X releases tracklist for The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter

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Monsta X is giving fans 10 tracks in their upcoming album The Clan Part 1.5: The Final Chapter – Beautiful. I’m assuming that “Beautiful” will be their title track!

Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Kihyun, and Wonho have already released their stunning pictures.

Check out their release schedule here!

Their album releases on March 21, 2017, be prepared!  Check out the One Stop K-Pop contest page for your chance to win 1 of the 3 versions of the album!

Monsta X Full AlbumThe Clan Part 2.5 Th Final Chapter Beautiful Tracklist


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  1. GarakeiMX (@garakei9) March 11, 2017

    That’s such a beautiful album I ever seen. They have worked hard till this day. And I sure they will get the 1st win not just once. Look at the way our stars shine as a producer ^^. Everyone must get little closer to them and see how they make their fans don’t have any exit door from stanning them. They have everything perfectly. Vocals, Dances, Visuals, Jokes ^^. STAN TALENT, STAN MONSTA X. Wish Me Luck 🙂

  2. GarakeiMX (@garakei9) March 12, 2017

    They’re really talented i swear. This is Monsta X year and they will get their 1st winning since their debut. They’ve worked really hard till this time. They deserve it. I hope they wlll have a lot of fans that will showering them with love ???? Monsta X have everyting. Vocals, dances, choreographers, producers, rappers, visuals, and take care to their fans anywhere anytime. MX ❤ MB #MonstaXComeback

  3. ? (@monbeyb) March 12, 2017

    Im so excited for their comeback!! I have been waiting for like, forever. I want to see them soon! ? The album cover is really pretty ? My twitter is @monbeyb

  4. shneee March 12, 2017

    I can really smell first win! Monbebes will work harder!

  5. so excited for their comeback ? ? ?

  6. so excited for their comeback ^^

  7. Erika Fernandez March 13, 2017

    I am so excited for this ^^ I mean, come on, 10 tracks?!?!? This album is soo worth it >u<

  8. rmjhoney March 13, 2017

    never regret stanning them ! so proud of my boys

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