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NCT’s Ten And Taeyong Feature In Handsome Teasers For “Baby Don’t Stop”

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Update February 26, 2018:

The newest video teaser for “Baby Don’t Stop” is sure to leave fans at the edges of their seats with anticipation.  Check it out below!

Update February 25, 2018:

Taeyong and Ten reveal another teaser video for their upcoming duet “Baby Don’t Stop”.  The sexy new teasers shows off a far more mature side of the two and will definitely leave you wanting more!  Don’t fret, though, the track is set to drop in 2 days.

Udpate February 24, 2018:

Taeyong’s teasers are here for the duo project between Ten and Taeyong! Much like with Ten’s original teaser release, Taeyong has a teaser video and teaser images.  Stay tuned for the release onFebruary 27, 2018!

Check out the teasers below!

nct 10 baby dont stop nct 10 baby dont stop nct 10 baby dont stop

Original Article:

NCT released the next set of teasers for the NCT 2018 project!

The new teasers came from NCT U, featuring Ten and a small snippet of Taeyong.  The two have a duo track “Baby Don’t Stop” that will be released soon.  The teaser images are stunning and a lot more mature than some of the previous releases and the teaser video follows suit.

Check out the teasers below.

nct 10 baby dont stop nct 10 baby dont stop nct 10 baby dont stop

If you haven’t already, check out NCT U’s newest track “Boss“.

nct 10 baby dont stop


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