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SF9’s “Easy Love” is a digital masterpiece (Music Video Review)

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SF9 has just dropped their title track, “Easy Love”, from their latest album, Breaking Sensation.  The entire concept of this song is appealing, from the techie vibe to the actual song, there’s nothing I didn’t like.


The thing that stands out most about “Easy Love” is probably the distinct contrast between the rapping portions, the singing portions, and the hook in general.  The singing portions were far slower and smoother, where as the raps had a bit more of an aggressive sound.  The hook was one of those that jumped out in your face and surprised you, but not in a bad way.  As soon as it started playing, it caught my attention.   The shift between these three dynamics gave the song a level of depth that you don’t see in as many pieces.

The entire song had such emotional vocals, whether from the singers or the rappers.  There was a certain tone they took that just made it feel like they were singing with past experiences in mind.


There’s just something about the video for “Easy Love” that just screams “Oh My God, Amazing” for me.  It might be the techie feel, but I’m not sure!

The first thing I actually noticed about the video was the amazing shots.  The individual shots were wonderful, with slow zooming in or out depending on the angle.  I enjoyed that it wasn’t just stagnate.  The group shots had a similar feel, whether it was only two or the entire group.  The group itself is actually a tad large, with 9 members, but it never felt overwhelming.  Whether it was due to the way the filming was done or not, it never felt like I couldn’t focus on any particular member.

The dance was super sweet.  There were smooth body rolls mixed in with almost robotic movements that fit the song perfectly.  Some sections were more complex than others, which was cool to see when they were dancing in the dirt area and you could see the shifting of the dirt with their moves.  Almost as good as being able to hear their feet hit the ground in the dance practice videos.

The costuming for this video was wonderfully done.  The casual outfits had a definite ‘fashion forward’ feel that gave them a bit of a futuristic hue, which was wonderful given the computer theme


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