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SISTAR will be disbanding after they release their latest track

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The 4 beautiful ladies of SISTAR brought fans tons of joy when they announced they were planning to do a summer comeback.  These queens of K-Pop have done quite a few summer related hits that stick around for ages!  Unfortunately, however, it seems that this will be their last comeback as a group.  starship Entertainment has confirmed that after their upcoming comeback, the girls will end their group activities and focus on their solo activities.

With the announcement of their disbandment, the girls released goodbye letters, shown below.  Hyorin stated that “Now our members have decided to support each other’s own ways for each other.  We are going to grow up even more by working hard in our own way and cheering for each other’s future”.

SISTAR is set for a May 31, 2017 comeback.

sistar-7-year-curse sistar-breakup-letter sistar-goodbye-letter sistar-disband-letter


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