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Tae Tae Bae creates a masterpiece starring BTS V

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Welcome back to the fan art section of One Stop K-Pop, where we feature amazing artists of all mediums.  Our previous post we covered a wonderful artist who was able to bring life to their black and white drawings with ease and make you forget there wasn’t an ounce of color!  Today, we’re going to take a look at an artist who hasn’t posted much nor had professional training, yet created a beautiful piece starring Taehyung from BTS.


Tae Tae Bae is a member of the Amino Community for ARMY members.  As the name implies, she’s adores BTS and especially has a soft spot for V.  As of now, there’s only been one post I could find, but the one post is more than enough to make your jaw drop.


According to her original post on Amino, this was originally going to be a black and white drawing, but it became a color piece and we’re all glad it did. The skin coloring is well done, and the fact that the picture has a V on the chocker and blue contracts is a wonderful touch. There’s no mistaking who this is, even at a glance!

Be sure to stop by and leave some love on her Amino page and tell her One Stop K-Pop sent you her way!


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