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Wanna One Shifting From YMC Entertainment To Exclusive Agency

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Wanna One is parting from YMC Entertainment.  They will be embarking on a new journey with Swing Entertainment.

An official statement was released on Wanna One’s fan cafe stating “This is Wanna One’s new agency Swing Entertainment. Starting on June 1, Wanna One’s agency will change to Swing Entertainment” . The statement goes on to state that Swing Entertainment will be a company exclusively for Wanna One.  That means dedicated resources from all around for the boys.  They continue by stating that they will be collaborating closely with YMC for the transition.

YMC Entertainment spokesperson clarified that Wanna One will be switching to Swing Entertainment for 6 months in total.  Their contract will run from June 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.  Swing Entertainment has investments from CJ E&M but is actually not a subsidiary.  The company is a brand new entertainment agency and will be dedicated to the group until the end of their contract.  At that time, they will start taking on other artists.  CJ E&M will continue to work on the music production and concerts as they have been.

Wanna One Swing Entertainment


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