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Wanna One will be releasing teaser clips of each up the members until their debut

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As part of their debut preparations, Wanna One will be releasing clips for the members every day until their debut!

First up is Minhyun who seems to be attempting to make the perfect meal!  The teaser features the two title track options too, with a preview of “Burn It Up” and “Energetic”.

Check out the tracks and the teasers below!

wanna-one-minhyun-burn-it-up-energetic-teaser-4 wanna-one-minhyun-burn-it-up-energetic-teaser-3 wanna-one-minhyun-burn-it-up-energetic-teaser-2 wanna-one-minhyun-burn-it-up-energetic-teaser-1

UPDATE: Wanna One released the video teaser and images for Park Ji Hoon.  In his clip, he struggles to figure out which pair of shoes he should wear!

Check them out below!

wanna-one-park-ji-hoon-4 wanna-one-park-ji-hoon-3 wanna-one-park-ji-hoon-2 wanna-one-park-ji-hoon-1

UPDATE: Kim Jae Hwan is next in line for Wanna One’s teaser releases!  His clip features his lovely voice as he provide a small preview of the track options available for their title!

Check it out below!

wanna-one-kim-jae-hwan-teaser-4 wanna-one-kim-jae-hwan-teaser-3 wanna-one-kim-jae-hwan-teaser-2 wanna-one-kim-jae-hwan-teaser-1

UPDATE: Lai Guan Lin’s teasers are next up!  In his teaser, he’s having troubles choosing between two basketballs.  He even says “I don’t really know man, let’s pick it together” before it goes into the track options!

Check out the teasers and video below!

wanna-one-lai-guan-lin-4 wanna-one-lai-guan-lin-3 wanna-one-lai-guan-lin-2 wanna-one-lai-guan-lin-1

UPDATE: Check out the fifth member to have their individual teasers released; Lee Dae Hwi!

WANNA-ONE-Lee-Dae-Hwi-5 WANNA-ONE-Lee-Dae-Hwi-4 WANNA-ONE-Lee-Dae-Hwi-3 WANNA-ONE-Lee-Dae-Hwi-2

UPDATE: Wanna One released the teaser clips and video for Bae Jin Young!

wanna-one-bae-jin-young-4 wanna-one-bae-jin-young-3 wanna-one-bae-jin-young-2 wanna-one-bae-jin-young-1

UPDATE: Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung in next up for teasers!

wanna-one-Yoon-Ji-Sung-4 wanna-one-Yoon-Ji-Sung-3 wanna-one-Yoon-Ji-Sung-2 wanna-one-Yoon-Ji-Sung-1

UPDATE: Park Woojin is the next member in line for Wanna One’s individual teasers.

Check out his handsome photos and video below!

wanna-one-park-woojin-4 wanna-one-park-woojin-3 wanna-one-park-woojin-2 wanna-one-park-woojin-1

UPDATE: Wanna One releases the teaser clip and images for Ong Seong Woo.

wanna-one-oong-seong-woo-2017-4 wanna-one-oong-seong-woo-3-2017 wanna-one-oong-seong-woo-2017-2 wanna-one-oong-seong-woo-1

UPDATE: Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon wants to make decisions with fans in the next set of teasers.

wanna-one-2017-ha-sung-woon-5 wanna-one-2017-ha-sung-woon-4 wanna-one-2017-ha-sung-woon-3 wanna-one-2017-ha-sung-woon-2

UPDATE: Kang Daniel is rocking the boyfriend look in the latest Wanna One teaser.

wanna-one-debut-teasers-kang-daniel-2017-4 wanna-one-debut-teasers-kang-daniel-2017-3 wanna-one-debut-teasers-kang-daniel-2017-2 wanna-one-debut-teasers-kang-daniel-2017-1


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