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2017: The Year of BTS (방탄소년단)

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There is no doubt on anyone’s mind that 2017 was a year of incredible achievements for BTS (방탄소년단).

In 2017 the group released some serious hits, both as a group and individually as well. Throughout the last year, we were gifted with “You Never Walk Alone” the repackaged version of their album “Wings.” In addition to their mini album “Love Yourself: Her.” BTS also released their remake of the Seo Taji and the Boys’ “Come Back Home.

In addition to these releases 2017 also saw the release of many individual endeavors by many of the members. These endeavors include RM’s collaboration with American artist Wale with their song “Change.” As well as a collaboration with Fall Out Boy for a remix of their newest single “Champion.”

RM wasn’t the only member to release new music though. Jungkook released his own versions of “2U” and “Oh Holy Night” on the groups SoundCloud account. The groups SoundCloud account also hosted the releases of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” performed by Jimin and Jungkook.  “4 O’Clock” by RM and V.  As well as “Always” by RM and “So Far Away” by Suga, Jungkook, and Jin.

In 2017 BTS also completed “BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour.” This world tour consisted of twenty stops worldwide.

Following the releases of some truly amazing music and a magnificent world tour, the boys saw a hefty award year. They saw huge success at MAMA, Seoul Music Awards, as well as the Billboard Music Awards, as well as a performance at the American Music Awards, which spurred a huge amount of international attention. Attention which landed them interviews on some of the biggest American talk shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel Live! This would then prod American radio stations to both interview and air the groups remixed version of “Mic Drop” which features Steve Aoki and Desiigner.

Of course, we can’t forget about one of the groups biggest and most important achievements: the launch of their “Love Yourself” campaign with Unicef Korea. The campaign is an effort to end violence and domestic abuse.

After all of their success both in Korea and Internationally the boys kicked off the new year with performances on end of the year programs in both Korea as well as in the states on Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve!

It has truly been an amazing year for both BTS and their A.R.M.Ys! I can’t wait to see what these amazing boys do in 2018!

BTS 2017 Recap


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