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BTS Continue To Shine In 2018 BTS Festa Activities

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Update June 13, 2018:

BTS released two special treats for fans today!  The boys released special lists as well as a video to match each.  Watch the videos below and be sure to check out their lists here.

Update June 12, 2018:

The boys sit down for their annual discussion, filled with food and drink!  Watch the hour long quick below.

Update June 11, 2018:

J-Hope, Suga, and RM surprised fans with a brand new track for 2018 BTS Feta.  The group released a fun new song title “Ddaeng” as part of the “DD Ceremony”.  The track incorporates a more traditional, classic style mixed in with sleek raps and sick beats.

The track was co-produced by Suga and J.Pearl.  Take a listen below.

Update June 10, 2018:

Jin and J-Hope are rocking adorable hair styles on the rehearsal stage cam for “Best Of Me”.  The cute little top pony tails, resembling palm trees, bob along as the boys dance in their comfy clothing!  Watch them below.

Update June 8, 2018:

After releasing the special cover performed by Jin, BTS is back with their profiles!  Each profile was filled out by a member and covers a bit about them.  From basic information like blood type and various measurements, to fun little facts about dialects and weirdness.  Check them out on Facebook!

Update June 7, 2018:

Along with the handsome teasers below, BTS also took on a playful, sporty vibe.  Check out the photos!


BTS rock dark hair and suits in their new pictures released for 2018 BTS Festa.  Check them out below.

bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8bts-festa-suits-2018-8Update June 6, 2018:

Along with all of the wonderful information below, the group shared their Golden Disk practice for 2018!  Featuring both “DNA” and “Not Today” in a wonderful medley complete with an ARMY of backup dancers, the dance practice is absolutely breathtaking.

BTS tells a story with their latest activity for 2018 BTS Festa!  The group released a few different ‘news articles’ with all sorts of things written by the guys.  They talk about their past amongst various other things.  RM covers how it felt having black hair for the first time in 4 years, and talks about his half-buzz.  Also, they talk about ‘Tan’ and how he’s a star amongst A.R.M.Y!

Each of their posts is filled with honest, and detailed, answers by each of the guys. Thanks to dedicated fans (who we’ve credited below) we have just a few of them! Please keep in mind these are fan translation!  A huge thank you for each of the dedicated fans for translating all of the text!  Please also note, we’ve kept the original formatting and made an effort to only remove emojis from the fan done translations.  As stated by the fans themselves, there are potentially errors in the translations, but they have the majority of things!


Fan translation for page 1:

[RM, Black Hair first time for 4 Year, “Weird like I’m putting a wig…” ]
RM turn to black hair after early in debut. Other members usually did black hair or dark brown hair, however RM did it first time for 4 year.
Q. How was your hair?
RM: It was really awkward as if I had gone back to the school days, high school. Actually, I dyed my hair when I was high school student. Dyed to brown or burgundy. Even I had done a half buzz cut. I thought of my black hair when I was in high school. This is because at that time, my hair was dark. This was really weird and I felt like I was putting a wig.
Q. Why did your do half buzz cut?
RM: Nothing special. When I joined the high school, I did that for my school’s strict regulation and after I moved to Gangnam, I let my hair grow just like I did a wolfcut. But all at once, I felt my hair uncomfortable. So I shaved it after school. It was really cool. I think I did it because of a hot weather. It was summer, that day.

We expect what will be his next hair style.

[Is SUGA 25 years old?! How J-hope youngify SUGA]

Short video released that RM and j-hope congratulate SUGA’s B-day.
Q. Would you tell me about the behind story?
SUGA: I got a cake and blew the candles. And the number of candles was 25. So I teased him.
Q. Teased him for what?
SUGA: “I am 26 years old.”
And we asked to J-hope the reason why he stuck only 25 candles in a cake. And he said “I forget concept of time as time passes.” with a smile.

How about SUGA’s next B-day?

[First hiking of the year! Who did Jin go hiking with?]

Jin uploaded a picture that he was hiking on SNS
Q. Who did you go with?
Jin: I went Mt. Sorak with my friends and saw the rocking stone. We leave at 4 a.m and arrived at 6 a.m. But we booked hotel at 4 p.m. So we go PC cafe first, played games, hiked the mountain, and went to hotel. Ah, I’ll never do such a thing again.

It was his episode that contrasts with a peaceful picture.

[V, Big Fan Of Tan, Boasted “Now Tan can understand ‘Sit down’! “]

Tan is a star among A.R.M.Ys.
Q. Can you tell me some small episodes about Tan?
V: Tan can’t understand “Laid down”, however he can understand “Sit down” and “Hands up”. Even with two hands. And he runs away always when I try to catch him. So it’s hard to hold Tan. But he follows me when I leave the spot. And he gets plump nowadays. He ate too much.

Tan makes us smile.

Translation Credit Here!


“Meet Acorn bag lover J-Hope”
Since last summer, J-hope has been fostering a strong affinity for acorn bags [referring to the small pouches J-Hope often likes to wear].

[Drawing by J-hope, of one of his bags, I suppose]

Q. How many acorn bags do you have in total?

J-Hope: I didn’t even know that these bags were called “acorn bags”. I just wore them around because these mini bags turned out to be pretty convenient, and it was satisfying to fill them up really full, but now that I know that people call these bags “acorn bags”, I’m thinking, “Oh, there’s this really cute nickname for them”.

If you were to ask how many I have in total, honestly there’s quite a lot. There are some which were gifted by fans, some I bought, so really quite a few. With that in mind, I think I’ll be able to show you a diverse range of acorn bags in the future.

Q. What makes them convenient?

J-Hope: Firstly, even if you carry a big bag around, you don’t really have that much to put in it. Like what, a powerbank, earphones, toothbrush, they’re only small things so it felt like overkill for me to carry a big bag around just for that. I’d chosen that small bag to sort of really squish lots of things in and carry it around lightly. I still carry it around and it’s really so convenient.

[Interviewer first-person] Having listened to J-Hope’s admiration for acorn bags, I got the urge to purchase one myself.


Jimin’s polaroid collection sneak peak

We got some news from Jimin, who often takes polaroid photos.

Q. Was there a particular occasion when you started taking polaroids?

Jimin: At first there was no particular reason. I wanted to capture the memory. I believe I thought I wanted to shoot the members and myself, even more so than other people. Even though we’re always shooting (photos), I was probably thinking that it’d be fun to look back at ourselves later on, in those moments when the camera wasn’t there.

Q. There are lots of types of cameras around, so how did you end up taking polaroids so often?

Jimin: I think you look at polaroids more. More than [phone] photos. I think digital cameras are the same as phones. That feeling that once taken, you’re not going to look at it again. But since polaroids are printed as soon as they’re taken, you get the sense that they’ll be looked at more often.

Q. Don’t you have any interest in film cameras? If you get those printed, they’d probably also have a unique charm.

Jimin: I think I like polaroids for now. I would like it if the fans or I were the first to see (the photos), but [if I printed from film] the person printing them would see them first. I have to see them first, if they see them before me it doesn’t feel that great. A somewhat stolen feeling? [like an opportunity snatched away] When it’s mine muhaha. (Laughter).

[Interviewer] We’re looking forward to seeing Jimin’s polaroid collection, which will be presented soon.


Presenting Jungkook’s ‘Golden Closet’ Studio!

Jungkook’s studio was shown to the public at the comeback show. A lot of fans were curious about this place.

Q. What do you like the most about your studio?

Jungkook: The thing I like the most about the studio is the lighting behind the monitor. The light comes from the monitor itself. It looks like a rainbow when the lights are off. It comes out really subtle.

Q. We hear that you’re focussing on piano lately, is there a song that you can play all the way through?

Jungkook: The song I can play all the way through is Sung Si-kyung sunbaenim’s On The Street (거리에서), in 4/4 time!

Q. Then can you sing while playing?

Jungkook: Yes. I’m practising. I’m currently practising Park Hyo-shin sunbaenim’s Breath (숨), but I haven’t been able to very much recently. There’s just so much going on, I get the feeling I’m going to get told off by my teacher.

Also, a related episode is that I wasn’t sure if I was doing well on the piano, whether I was playing correctly so… I asked my teacher every day. When I was like, “Is this right? Is this how you do it?” they said it’s all good. So I’m just fully trusting my teacher at the moment.

[Interviewer] A performance of Jungkook playing the piano while singing is highly anticipated.

Translation Credit Here!


Heading: What did we do on holiday again?

Anonymous Report Corner

2018 This Year’s Food!
“Jin’s Rice Cake Soup” Review

ID: JoonieNoBall[illegible]r-M

The rice cake soup that Jin hyung made. To be perfectly honest it was incredibly yum, but a bit salty. I was so grateful. Waking up at dawn to cook, he put an incredible amount of care into it even though it was on camera. Despite saying “ugh what a pain!”, since it was a meal prepared with all his love, it became a really moving and delicious memory to eat it up on the mountain. I’m kidding about it being too salty.

ID: Tanie Hope

The rice cake soup that Jin hyung made was colourful. And the fact that Jin hyung actually got up at dawn and lost sleep to make it, I was so touched and grateful. R* hyung and I ate it while hiking up and watching the view together, and maybe it’s because we were in the mountains but it tasted even better.


“I saw it… I didn’t know what to do so I just stood still for 5 seconds.”

ID: wol-wa-han [short for worldwide handsome never change jin]

Recently, we went to a bach/holiday home to do some shooting. I opened the door to use the bathroom but Suga was there taking mirror selfies with his phone. I didn’t know what to do, so for 5 seconds I just [stood there]. Suga said, “Hyung, could you close the door?” so I said, “Oh, yeah, sorry” and closed it. I remember then bumping into Hobi and cracking up.

What is RM’s favourite Jeju dish?

RM: I went to Jeju with my parents and didn’t do much. We went to a really nice cafe. When we went to Jeju it was the winter low season, so there weren’t that many people, and it snowed for a few days so the cafe was nice. Just not doing much and spending time with family was the best part.

Q: What was the yummiest thing you ate on Jeju-do?

RM: Out of the things I ate on Jeju-do, the ramen I ate with Dad was the yummiest. Hahaha (laugher)

Q: Paua ramen? Octopus ramen?

RM: No. Just your average make-at-home ramen. The kind where you crack an egg in. Dad’s ramen is the best in the world, so that’s my strongest memory.

Suga’s Jeju Punishment Day Trip, turns out there was a companion?

Q: It looked really cold there, what did you do after taking the punishment footage?

Suga: I went to eat sawedged perch [fish] with Jin hyung. I had gone with the intention of fulfilling the punishment, but actually I really like Jeju. It’s very beautiful. And pretty, so that’s why I went to Jeju.

Q: Out of the things you did on holiday, what was your happiest memory?

Suga: Being able to spend a decent amount of time with family. I talked a lot with my family and had a really lovely time.

Q: Where did you go? Were you at home? [in your hometown]

Suga: Yes. I didn’t really go anywhere in particular. Just ate food with family and things like that.

The identity of the surprise presents (?) that appeared on J-hope Mixtape MV set!

Q: All the members went to J-Hope’s MV mixtape set to cheer him on. What were your thoughts and feelings at the time?

J-Hope: All the members came to cheer me on at my MV set. I really thought, “Ah, it was a good thing I decided to go with Bangtan. Indeed, I haven’t lived a pointless life.” In the future when the members release great works of music, I plan to go and cheer them on awesomely [like they did for me] as well.

Q: What’s the secret to getting everyone to come support you?

J-Hope: Ah.. yeah. Well, it was when everyone was on break. Uhahahaha (laughter) Seems like everyone had nothing better to do.

Jimin & Jungkook’s Holiday Story

Jimin: Jungkook and I had fun. Looks like if I’m relaxing/having fun, it’s always with Jungkook?! I spent time with Jungkook, went bowling, ate together, and played lots of games. Spending time having fun together every day was the biggest memory from the holiday, think.

Q: What score do you get at bowling?
Jimin: At bowling? If I do well, 120, if not, 100!

Q: Then out of the three [three?], who’s the best? That time [?]
Jimin: Jungkook. If Jungkook bowls, he gets over 200.

Q: Then was there a bet?
Jimin: Yeah it was a bet. The result was that Jungkook won, and I remember always losing.
Jungkook: Didn’t go home, just stayed at the dorm, went out to the studio…

Q: Then did you work, and not take a break?
Jungkook: No. I just went and played the piano a bit, listened to music and came back.

Q: Then did you play “Breath” and “On the Street”?
Jungkook: That’s right. That’s what it was.

Translation Credit Here!


[BTS two nights and three days MT!!]
Q.Recently, BTS went on a trip. Could you tell me some episodes about that trip?
Jimin: We went to pension on Gapyung . We had meats and next day, we had an upset stomach.

Q. Who roasted it?
Jin: Suga did. I cooked pasta and other members cleaned our mess or did the dishes. And we did card game and laugh together.
SUGA: We ate meat together. First day was beef and next day was folk. Beef was okay but polk made us had stomachache.

Q. What kind of food did you cook?
SUGA: First day, steak. I roasted sirloin of beef.

Q. What food made you guys had sick?
SUGA: It was polk. We roasted them over charcoal at night and I think it was underdone. I was so hard at that day.

RM: We made a bet, and I won at every game. Final winner is me!

Q. Who lose most?
RM: Everyone, except me.
We also went to claw machine game cafe. But I didn’t get anything. I couldn’t remember how much I spent. Maybe we spent tens of thousand won. We played it together, however we didn’t get anything and got out of the cafe as saying “This machine is broken.”. Haha..

Q. What was the best delicious food that you eat while on trip?
RM: It was ramen.

Q. Did SUGA cooked steak?
RM: Yes. It was wonderful. BOOHOO

Q. What was your best moments?
J-hope: When I came off the dish-washing penalty.

Q. Then who get that?
J-hope: Tae. Actually, it wasn’t penalty. ‘Cause he did it of his own. He waked up all members while we were sleeping. So we said, “Ah, if you do the dishes, we’ll wake up.”. And he really did it all! So we waked up, said “You’re amazing”, gave him a compliment and had breakfast together.

Q. There wasn’t someone who have to do the dishes separately, wasn’t it?
J-hope: That’s right. We tried to make a bet as soon as we woke up in the morning.

Jimin: The most memorable thing is that I had a long talk after made dinner. We was free in the evening, so we chattered from 6 p.m. to dawn. And it was most exciting.

Q. What food was the best?
Jimin: Meat that we ate together. But everyone got a stomachache except me and Jungkook. This is because we ate both underdone and burnt polk.

V: We did a lot of games, but cannot swimming. We were roasting meats and made a fun.

Q. Why can’t swim?
V: Because of a number of insects inside the pool

Translation Credit Here!bts-festa-2018Update June 5, 2018:

BTS drop an entire army of photos for their 2018 BTS Festa! Check them out below! bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018 bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018bts-festa-2018

bts-festa-2018Update June 4, 2018:

The boys surprise fans by making a remix of “Spring Day” that incorporates rock elements! Much like their most recent release of “Fake Love” (extended version), the presence of guitars and drums back them up.  The track loses some of the haunting vibe it normally carries and takes on a more heart warming vibe with the introduction of the rock style.

Band arrangement was done by DOCSKIM and KHAN, and the performance was done by BTS Band “Ghost”.

Take a listen to their opening ceremony remix for “Spring Day” and stay tuned for the rest of BTS Festa 2018!

Update June 1, 2018:

BTS released the time table for their jam-packed 2018 BTS Festa event!  It looks like the boys have quite a few things planned, if their schedule is anything to go by.  Check it out below.

bts-festaOriginal Article:

Every year BTS goes all out to celebrate their anniversary with ARMY from around the world.  From a special show to so many fun little gifts, there’s no end to the joy during their BTS Festa event.  The celebrate honors their anniversary on June 13, and gives fans a little something to look forward to each year.

The group released the first teaser for their upcoming celebration, with the announcement that something is due to release on June 4, 2018.  Watch the announcement for the 2018 BTS Festa below and prepare yourselves for all sorts of fun.

OSKP will be sure to keep update this article in particular with each new event, so be sure to check back in for all the latest

2018 BTS Festa 


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