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24K fuels our addiction with “Only You”

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After teasing fans about Addiction for the past few weeks, 24K has finally dropped their title track “Only You”.  This time around, the boys really stepped it up and showed off a far more masculine and mature side.

Their outfits stood out, since they’re actually some of the outfits from the teasers.  The shiny, leather material of the pants and silk shirts give this a more mature, almost sexy, feel, especially when paired with some of the outfits featured in the individual scenes.

The filming of this video and the sets themselves were simple but extremely well done.  The color alteration of certain scenes and clarity of the images felt high budget!  Paired with their smooth dancing, and you got a different feel than anything they’ve done before!

Probably the best and most unique portion of the video was the eye shots where all you could see of the members were their eyes through various shapes.  It seems simple, but it gave the video something that I’ve not seen before and caught my attention.

Don’t just take my word for it though!  Watch JInhong, Hongseob, Jeonguk, Hui, Kisu, Cory, and Changsun as they own their stage in silk shirts and leather pants below!


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