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2wenty’s make their debut with “쏙 들었어”

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2wenty’s was previously known as Twenty’s and have finally made their debut under Live Entertainment with their digital single “쏙 들었어”.  They’ve been doing performances without a label since September,but with the label, they’re able to get more of their stuff out to the public.

The group currently consists of four members; Hwakyung, Kyuri, Seul, and Jiheon.

While they don’t have an official music video for their debut track, they do have a dance practice!

Armed with school-girl type outfits and a large sign in the background with their logo, the girl’s begin an absolutely adorable dance to their single “쏙 들었어”!  The song itself is super playful, and you can definitely see that in quite a few of the dance moves here!

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