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9MUSES embrace the eerie in “Remember” in their latest comeback

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Pulling off an eerie and creepy concept while still managing to maintain a stunning appearance and classy look can be difficult, but Nine Muses don’t even struggle with it in their latest title track “Remember” from Identity.

The girl’s don’t mess around, with their seemingly similar but totally independent feeling storylines depicted in the video, it almost feels like it’s a movie.  One thing that stands out the most is the fact that they don’t shy away from blood, with a gun being used multiple times and the implication that there is a body in the bag that she’s dragging down the hall.  While it’s a creepy thought, it’s well filmed and directed, so it doesn’t feel completely out of place!

The track has a definite EDM feel with their beautiful vocals backing it up.  The song was composed by Nuplay and incorporates classic style EDM with new age.

Check it out below!

9MUSES Remember Music Video


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