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A.C.E brings zombies to life in their dance videos for “Zombie”

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A.C.E is full of dancing machines.  If you look back at any of their previous videos, and even their debut track “Cactus”, you can see just how incredible they are at dancing.

The group did both a dance practice and dance video for “Zombie” as part of the ZER0 Project.  In the actual dance video, the boys are decked our in white splashed with red (blood) and their creepy movements definitely seem like something out of a zombie movie.  Far more coordinated though!

Executive Producer: Hyeim Kim
Supervisor: Jina Kim, Hyejin Kim
Choreography: A.C.E
Performance Directing: Euanflow
Photographer: Seonjung Kim
Hair and Make Up: Han Kyul
Prop: Rose.B

For those a bit wary of the blood, the group released a clean dance practice with just the white outfits, no blood!


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