A whole different kind of “Chase Me” from Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Chase Me Tennis Court Special Clip

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Recently, we did a music video review for Dreamcatcher’s song “Chase Me”.  The hauntingly beautiful video and amazing song went together extremely well, but they girls decided to change things up!  In a special clip featured on Happyface Entertainment’s YouTube channel, the girls are seen on a tennis court as they attempt to sing their song.

I say attempt because there is a healthy amount of sabotage, tormenting, and just goofing around which was absolutely adorable.  It’s great being able to see them have fun with their performance!

Check out the video below.

If you haven’t seen, there are a few new teasers out for the girls comeback.  Nothing has been confirmed as far as dates as of yet, but we do have two sets of teasers – an angelic white and a black that is reminiscent of “Chase Me”