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What is One Stop K-Pop?

One Stop K-Pop is an international team of writers who have a passion about the Korean Pop industry they just can’t contain.  From teaser images to the dorky little videos that make you smile, our goal is to share all the wonderful things K-Pop with the world.

The dedication and hard work that each group puts into their craft is inspirational to our team, and we want to emulate that by providing the best possible news sites, without click bait or drama.

Will we fangirl or fanboy over certain groups?  Oh definitely.

However, we make it our mission to cover the stories and new releases, plus the fun extras, without the drama.

What Makes Us Different?

We are drama free!  If a company makes a statement about a dating rumor or something of that nature, we will cover the official statement.  However, we shy away from the latest gossip.  It’s our mission to not drag names through the dirt, but instead promote the idols that worked so hard to debut and keep entertaining fans!

Each of our writers is passionate about what they do and about the groups they love.

One of our favorite sort of features, that makes us stand out the most, is the fact that we will promote fan projects!  The fan organizations and individual contributors come up with incredible ideas and it’d be a shame to not share those with the world.

For any business inquiries, please contact us at info@onestopkpop.com

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