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A.C.E Release The Highlight Medley For ‘Adventures In Wonderland’

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Update June 7, 2018:

A.C.E dropped the highlight medley for their upcoming album, Adventures In Wonderland.  The preview includes snippets of their news songs, including the title track “Take Me Higher”.  Take a listen below.

Update June 6, 2018:

A.C.E released the track list for Adventures In Wonderland. Their previous tracks, “Cactus”, “Callin'” and “5TAR” make an appearance on the album, along with their title track “Take Me Higher”.  Members participated with much of the lyric composition.  Check out their track list below.

ace-wonderland-tracklistUpdate June 3 2018:

A.C.E released the group’s music video teaser for “Take Me Higher”!  Watch the clip below.

Update June 2, 2018:

A.C.E release the video teaser of Wow for their upcoming title track “Take Me Higher”.  Watch the teaser video below.

Along with Wow’s teaser above, the group also released Byeongkwan’s video teaser!  Check it out below.

Update June 1, 2018:

A.C.E reveal the first teaser clip for their upcoming music video “Take Me Higher”.  The first clip features member Jun.  Watch it below!

Along with Jun’s teaser, they also released Donghun’s teaser video. The boys are trying out a lovely combination of cute, playful, and sexy for their new concept.  Watch Donghun’s teaser video for “Take Me Higher” below.

Update May 31, 2018:

A.C.E revealed the ‘Day’ version of their album cover.  Adventures In Wonderland will come in two versions, “Night” and “Day”.  The group previously released the ‘Night’ version, featuring a dark background and stunning flowers.  The ‘Day’ features the same flowers on a white background.

Check out the album cover below.

ace-wonderlandUpdate May 30, 2018:

A.C.E members feature in two stunning new teasers for Adventures In Wonderland.  Check out the two teasers below and stay tuned for the ‘Day’ versions! ace-wonderlandace-wonderland

Along with the striking ‘Night’ teasers above, A.C.E released their ‘Day’ teasers!  Check them out below.

aceaceUpdate May 29, 2018:

Byeongkwan features in the next set of teasers for A.C.E’s comeback with Adventures In Wonderland.  Check out his ‘Night’ teasers below.


In addition to the ‘Night’ teasers, we also have the ‘Day’ teasers!

aceaceUpdate May 28, 2018:

A.C.E’s Wow certainly has us saying ‘Wow’ in the latest teaser images!  Check out Wow’s ‘Night’ teasers for Adventures In Wonderland below.


The ‘Day’ version of the teasers are just as breathtaking as the ‘Night’ version. Check them out below.

wowwowUpdate May 27, 2018:

Donghun features in the next set of teaser images for A.C.E’s comeback with Adventures In Wonderland.  The group released both of his ‘Night’ teasers, with his ‘Day’ teasers due to drop later on.

Check out their handsome photos below.


The ‘Day’ version of Jonghun’s teasers are just as stunning as the ‘Night’ version!  Check it out below.

aceaceUpdate May 26, 2018:

The first teasers for the day are here!  Two stunning images of Jun for the ‘Night’ version’ of his teasers have been revealed.  The ‘Day’ version will be released later today.

Check out the stunning teasers below.


The ‘Day’ concepts are equally as stunning as the ‘Night’ concepts!  Check out Jun’s teasers below.

aceaceUpdate May 25, 2018:

A.C.E released both the cover image and the full release schedule for their upcoming return with Adventures In Wonderland. Check out the teasers below.

ace-wonderlandace-wonderlandOriginal Article:

A.C.E is preparing for their next comeback!

The group will be returning on June 7, 2018, their first official comeback since “Callin‘” in October of 2017.  The new album is said to be a repackaged version of their previous singles, and will contain 3 new songs.  They’re also planning on taking on the challenge of making a summer themed song!

This comeback will only be the 4 members, as member Chan is promoting with UNB from The Unit finalists.  Additionally, Jason will be using his real name instead of his stage name.  From here on out, he will be known as Kim Byung Kwan!

The group already released their jam-packed scheduler and first cover image for Adventures In Wonderland.  Check out both the images below and prepare for their comeback!

ACE Adventures In WonderlandACE Adventures In WonderlandACE Adventures In Wonderland

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