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A.C.E teams up with LG G6 for an English version of debut track “Cactus”

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One of the newest boy groups in town is definitely making statements.  Best known for their busking activities and shorts, A.C.E brought EDM to life with their debut track “Cactus”. 
AA.C.E LG G6 Cactus English
While some group create English versions of their songs, it’s not common, and it’s especially uncommon for a rookie group to do so!  However, the boys did just that!  They released an English version of “Cactus” complete with a new video!
A.C.E LG G6 Cactus English
The video, designed to fit the screen of an LG G6 phone, features a few different performance versions while the boys sing along in English.

Check out A.C.E’s English performance of “Cactus” below!

Original lyrics can be found here.

A.C.E LG G6 Cactus English


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