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Aeon Dream Studios has made a wonderful BTS theme game!

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BTS has one of those most extensive and loyal fanbases in the K-Pop industry currently.  Their fans are located across the globe and contributed to their continuous stream of sold out venues for their entire WINGS tour.  With so many fans, it’s hard to not have creative people.  One Stop K-Pop recently featured a wonderful artist  as part of the first fan art posting series that specialized in BTS, and that’s just one of many out there!

These artists don’t just come in singular form, though, sometimes you get ARMY companies!  Enter – Aeon Dream Studios. This all women team creates visual novels for people around the globe, and they apparently are giving some love to BTS.  The lovely ladies released a demo of the first half of their BTS themed game; “To The Edge of the Sky”, which is available for download on their website.
BTS To the edge of the sky video game

This visual novel feature everyones favorite BTS members in a wonderful story.  You start off playing as “Seven” – Jungkook – in the year 2077 as a secret agent joining the team Phantom Alpha under the P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M organization.

They state that the goal of the game it to give international fans a taste of what the national fans get.  As international fans, we don’t get nearly as many concerts, fan meets, or just exposure to our favorite groups, so they are hoping to bridge that gap!

Check out the website here to try out the demo and see more games!

Photo credit: Here!


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  1. Nima April 8, 2017

    The visualization was so awsshuum just by seeing the photo of it.

  2. I’ve watched the play through and they did a great job in the visualization of the bts members.!

  3. Red heart (@niaoffcl) April 17, 2017

    Why bts is so cool even just in a game? Im proud of you my boy

  4. Elaine Tabuna April 28, 2017

    Why is this so cool? Y.Y

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