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Kevin Woo To Depart From The After School Club Crew

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After School Club, a show loved by many fans around the world, will be losing a MC on April 10.

The show itself allow fans worldwide to interact with their fans utilizing Google Hangouts.  One of the things that makes this such a fan favorite is the lack of subtitles needed for a good majority for it.  The hoses themselves are idols, with Kevin Woo being one of them.

After School Club announced through their social media that their MC Kevin will be ‘graduating’ from the show, much like Eric Nam did, on April 10, 2018. They thanked him for his time and asked fans to continue to support his endeavors.

After School Club Kevin Woo


  1. Mardhiah Omar April 4, 2018

    i am so gonna miss seeing him on ASC TT.TT

    1. we will miss him :((((

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