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Akdong Musician releases the title of their upcoming comeback

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Over the past week, we’ve been getting teasers from Akdong Musician that felt like horror movie stills and posters. Almost every teaser featured the text or featured the theme “Who’s There?”.

Now, we have the title track of this brother-sister duo’s upcoming album!  YG Entertainment released a clip featuring a stunning shot of the fog filled woods and a giant crash.  There isn’t much else yet, but the teaser poster that accompanies it features the duo standing in the dark woods with flashlights and what might be a camera in their hand.

Check out both teasers!

UPDATE: The siblings released a new teaser on July 18 at midnight featuring them wandering through the woods in the dark.  As they walk, Soohyun falls and they see something mysterious in the trees.  A roar and thump can be heard before the clip cuts out!

UPDATE: The siblings have released their track list for Summer Episode, their single album featuring “My Darling” and “Dinosaur”.


UPDATE: AKMU is taking on the challenge of an EDM track for their comeback!  “Dinosaur” is going to be more of a EDM track than anything they’ve produced before and my darling will be more easy going.


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