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Although SPEED may no longer be a group, their track “What U” is definitely worth listening to

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SPEED was originally a subunit formed from Coed School by MBK Entertainment in 2012.  In 2013, they made their debut as an independent group.  Over the next couple years, the group went through quiet a few line-up changes before their eventual disbandment in 2015.

The last track they released was “What U” on June 1, 2015 along with their 2nd mini album, SPEED ON.  The track was a definite killer bop with a unique music video, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep them going and in November of 2015, they disbanded officially.

The song is extremely catchy, with a unique haunting vibe.  Mix that with the eerie following of a lady in the music video and you’ve got yourself something quite unique!

The video and dance incorporated roller shoes, which was impressive.  They moved with ease despite the wheels in their heels.  I actually remember when those came out and remember not even being able to walk properly, let alone dance!

While it’s an absolute shame that we will not see a new track from this group, we do still have this wonderful music video to look back on!

Check out “What U” below!

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