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Amber Liu teams up with Gen Neo for a beautiful cover of Linkin Park’s “One More Light”

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Linkin Park spoke to so many people throughout the years and inspired them to keep going through their dark times, even when it seemed like there was no hope.  When Chester Bennington took his life, it was a huge blow.  As a non, K-Pop, personal note, Linkin Park was always a group I adored.  I saw them in concert many times and made sure I went out of my way to get the albums when they came out because of their music and their inspirational lyrics.

Amber Liu of f(x) and Gen Neo, singer of “Think About Us” and popular songwriter, teamed up for a beautiful dedication cover of Linkin Park’s most recent album’s “One More Light”.

The combination of their voices, despite being different in tone and style, is absolutely stunning.  Amber’s soft voice holds a ton of power and mixes well with the upfront power provided by Gen Neo.

This is one of the best covers I’ve seen so far!

Check it out below!

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