Monsta X Amen Music Video Review by One Stop K-Pop

Monsta x Amen

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The Monsta X boys never fail to surprise.  We’ve seen them locked up in a jail in “Trespass”, acting touch in “Hero” and “Rush”, and being all-around badass in “Fighter”, but with this cute little clip for “Amen”, we see a brand new side.

As most people in the comment say, you’ll want to watch this seven times to see what each of the members does in their little section of the screen.  Whoever thought of giving them those toys was a genius too, since it added a level of innocence to the clip.

One thing I had to note because it cracked me up was the fact that they put Hyungwon in his natural habitat.  Everyone else is in a place where it’s hard to tell if they’re sitting on a ledge, a chair, or anything specific about it, then you have the bed for the biggest sleeper of Monsta X.

Monsta X Amen Music Video Review