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New Girl Group AZM (에이지엠 ) Enters The K-Pop World With “Edge”

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AZM made their debut earlier this month with their first single album “Edge”.

The group consists of 5 members and resides under Innok Entertainment.  Some may have heard of them before, since they did a 4 member debut showcase in January of 2018.  However, despite the showcase, they didn’t make their official debut until March 2, 2018.  During their showcase, and in their debut music video, only four members were featured due to their fifth member being injured and unable to perform.

The group currently consists of Eunji,  Yukyeong, Suhyeon, Seoyeon who is in hiatus due to injury, and Yejin.  Seoyeon was not featured in their music video or debut showcase due to some sort of injury.

The group’s debut single album Edge consists of two tracks, “Edge” and the instrumental version. “Edge” has a hybrid style with a definite dance beat and tropical undertone.  The music video for the track follows the girl at a skate rink as they dance about in very fashionable outfits. The costume changes will hit anyone interested in fashion straight in the feels, with different styles incorporated seamlessly into dance.  “Edge” has a catchy dance beat, energetic vocals, and overall pleasant vibe.

Watch the group’s debut music video below!


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