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Apink’s Eunji Drops Beautiful New Music Video For “Being There”

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Update October 17, 2018:

Eunji released her lovely new music video for “Being There”, the title track of her new album.  The lovely new music video features her in her home town while accompanied by the soothing sound of an acoustic guitar.

Watch it below.

Update October 14, 2018:

Apink’s Eunji released the commentary teaser for her upcoming 3rd mini album!  Watch it below.

Update October 12, 2018:

Eunji released a new teaser!  Check it out below.

eunji2Update October 11, 2018:

Yet another stunning teaser image from Apink’s Eunji has been released!  Take a look at her breathtaking beauty in the teaser image below.

eunji2018Update October 10, 2018:

Apink’s Eunji released another stunning teaser for her upcoming solo release. Take a look at the teaser below.

eunji-teaserUpdate October 9, 2018:

Eunji looks just as stunning in color as she is in black and white!  Check out her teaser image below.

eunji-apinkUpdate October 8, 2018:

Eunji released another teaser along with previews for her upcoming tracks.  Check out teaser below and fall in love with her vocals in the track previews.

Jung-EunjiUpdate October 7, 2018:

Apink’s Eunji looks stunning in the latest teaser image for her return with her solo album.

eunjiUpdate October 5, 2018:

Eunji released a stunning teaser image for her upcoming solo album.  Check it out below.

eunjiUpdate October 4, 2018:

The first actual teaser for Eunji’s upcoming third mini album has been released.  Check it out below.

eunji-teaserUpdate October 3, 2018:

Eunji released the track list for her upcoming solo album.  Check it out below.

Update October 2, 2018:

Eunji released the scheduler for her upcoming solo mini album.  Check out the schedule below.

eunjiOriginal Article:

Apink’s Eunji will finally be making her solo comeback!

On October 1, 2018, the artist dropped teaser image for her upcoming third solo album, Hyehwa, surprising fans.  The album is set to drop on October 17, 2018, marking well over a year since her firs solo album!

Check out the teaser image below and stay tuned for Apink Eunji’s upcoming album.

Jung-Eun-Ji (1)

Apink Eujni Hyehwa


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