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April (에이프릴) Drops “The Blue Bird (파랑새)” Music Video

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On March 12th girl group April (에이프릴) released the music video for their latest track “The Blue Bird (파랑새)”.

The music video for this song (as well as the song itself) is absolutely lovely. Every set within the music video for “The Blue Bird (파랑새)” is beautifully put together and fits the feel of the song very well. From an extravagant theatre to the halls of a gorgeous home, the background of each scene fits so well with the melodic tone of the song.

The girls themselves look as beautiful as always. Many outfit changes happen throughout the music video, but each outfit is as gorgeous and eye-catching as the last. The blue dresses are my personal favorites! Absolutely stunning, and the girls pull them off so well. Not only are the outfits adorable, but they are kept simple and classy which only adds to the feel of the video as a whole.

The song itself is soft and easy on the ears. The music is very reminiscent of the music you would hear in a K-Drama. Beautiful and easy on the ears. As well as a gentle tune that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Each set of vocals throughout this track are perfect and work in perfect tandem with the rest to create a song that is easily fallen in love with.

Have you watched the video? If not you can check it out here! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

APRIL The Blue Bird MV


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