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BigBang BTS Fan Corner

Artist Maka creates amazing black and white drawings of BTS and BIGBANG

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Welcome back to the fan art section of One Stop K-Pop, where we feature amazing artists of all mediums.  In our previous post we looked at an artist that created photo edits that mixed just the right amount of fantasy and horror.  This time around, we take a look at an artist that makes you almost forget you’re looking at a drawing!


Maka is an artist that posts their work to both Amino and Instagram.  There is a mix of in-progress and completed pieces, and I don’t know about you guys, but seeing something jump from start to finish is always an incredible experience.  It’s hard to imagine that just a few lines or outline can turn out so detailed!

We got a chance to ask this amazing artist a few questions, so be sure to check out their responses!


When we asked Maka about her inspiration she stated “I’ve always been an Artist that loves to sketch people or things that inspire me.  There are artists that inspire me with their life choices and talents”.   Maka is actually an Anime artist that specialized is oil pastel art, and being able to jump into sketches like these is just incredible!

Maka-art-g-dragon-2As far as bias groups go, she had a hard time choosing, but ended up deciding that BTS and BIGBANG deserve equal love.  She’s followed BTS since their debut and grew up listening to BIGBANG.  The art featured today reflects that; G-Dragon, V, and Jungkook.  She went on to state that both groups “have a very big influence in my life, especially for someone that’s alternative.”


Given the change to meet her favorite artists, she would be sure to praise them for all of their hard work and express even more admiration and praise for the hard work and effort they put into everything they do.  She holds a lot of respect for them for “the fact that they follow their dreams and never give up”.

Check out her work and follow her for more!


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