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Artist Spotlight— An Interview with Junik

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Despite working hard and showcasing their talents, many artists, especially underground artists, struggle to get their name out there in the competitive world of the music industry. With many doing similar genres and concepts, it is evident many will not stand out, thus be left behind in the dark. For that reason, OSKP has created a segment called Artist Spotlight which features an interview with underrated hip-hop and R&B artists.

The sole purpose of this segment is to shine a spotlight on underground artists that deserve way more recognition that what they’re already receiving. OSKP hopes that by reading this segment, readers can discover more amazing and talented artists!

Without further ado, welcome to OSKP first edition of our Artist Spotlight segment! The first artist that OSKP is pleased to introduce, is no other than a fresh new R&B artist, Junik (준익), who made his debut this year on July 8th with DEJAVU, featuring Tommy $trate! His debut single, DEJAVU, is an rnb track which features Junik’s unique and sophisticated vocals and Tommy’s seductive rapping.

Recently, Junik has released another single titled, You Know, which expresses a man’s honest feelings of wanting to approach a woman he likes. He has also featured and participated in various songs such as: Choix2’s 시선 (She Sun)Sleepy’s Beautiful Life and DinDin’s My Sofy, Birthday! and 네가 보여 (Not Enough). Personally, I love it when Junik collaborates with Tommy $trate; since they’re actually one of my favorite artists! Junik has also featured in a song by former speed member taeha— now known as ione!

Before we get into the actual interview, you can support Junik by buying DEJAVU and You Know on itunes! And of course by listening to his music a lot and following him on his social media accounts: instagram and soundcloud! Finally, a big thank you to Junik for taking his time to do this interview!

Let’s get started!

Please introduce yourself! Hello, I’m Junik! My real name is Choi Junik (츼준익) and I was born on november 6th, 1993.

You used to go by Asher. Is there a reason to why you changed it? The reason I changed my stage name from Asher to Junik is because I wanted to start my official career with my real name.

What is music to you? How long have you been pursuing music? I believe music is everyone’s lifestyle. We all listen to different genres of music and mix it into our lives. I have been pursuing music since high school.

I went to art high school as a composer and jazz pianist, but I have always loved listening to hip-hop/r&b and at age twenty, I started making my own tracks on my computer!

Some artists make music to express themselves and others to convey a message to others. What type of artist do you consider yourself to be? I wish people like the whole vibe of my music. Even though foreigners can’t understand my language, I hope that they would at least love the melody of my songs.

What is somethingthat sets you apart from other artists? I hope it’s the voice of my music.

Are you influenced by any other artists? Of course. I listen to Kehlani, Justin Bieber, NAV, Bryson Tiller and so many hip-hop/r&b/pop artists. I get influenced by all of them!

From your songs, which one are you the most proud of? what about lyrics wise? DEJAVU. It’s my debut single and I put a lot of effort into it. From being the main vocal, to singing the chorus, and writing the lyrics!

What music genre do you personally enjoy listening to? Any song recommendations? I listen to hip-hop more than R&B! My song recommendations will
be: Lil Uzi Vert’s The Way Life Goes (Feat. Nicki Minaj), Bryson Tiller’s No Longer Friends, Camila Cabello’s Havana, and London on da Track’s No Flag.

What do you like to do on your free time, any hobbies besides making music? I enjoy watching Netflix (House of Cards), movies and reading books!

Do you have anything planned for 2018? Is there anything that new fans can look forward to? I’m working on a new single and hoping to drop an EP soon!

In closing, is there anything you want to say to your (new) fans? Thank you so much for your support! I’m always trying my best to make good music and improve everytime. Fans’ support really cheers me up, especially when I’m feeling exhausted. More songs are coming soon! I hope my fans will love them!

This concludes the end to our interview with Junik! Please listen to him a lot and support him in his music career! ONKP will be posting a new interview soon, so please look forward to it! Thank you.

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