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Artistic Anja’s drawings will make your jaw drop

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Welcome back to the fan art section of One Stop K-Pop, where we feature amazing artists of all mediums.  Our previous post looked at a wonderful artist who brought color to their multi-fandom art.  Today, we’re looking at Artistic Anja, a user who frequently posts multi-fandom art across Instagram, YouTube, and Amino.


This artist is able to bring life to black and white drawings, which is absolutely incredible.  In each photo, the skin coloring is just amazing.  There’s light shading that simulates exactly what you’d see in a real photograph.  One thing that stood out most to me, which normally doesn’t, is the subject’s lips.  They’re very realistic and even look like they have the sheen of fresh lip gloss.


This artist spares no details on any of their work.  From intricacies in the hair, to even the small hairs of the eyebrows, there’s so much detail!


Be sure to check out their Instagram for more art.  They upload regularly and they aren’t partial to any fandom, so you never know which K-Pop artist you’re going to see next from them!

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