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Artlover (아트러버) Debuts With “Want U Back”

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Artlover (아트러버) has released the music video for her debut track “Want U Back”.

If you didn’t see our last post about her, Artlover (아트러버) is a London-based Korean rapper. On March 27th she released her debut track “Want U Back” (and it’s pretty great).

The video features an artistic mixture of vibrant and colorful scenes and monochromatic black and white scenes. What we might assume to be the past is shown in flashes of black and white while the present is shown in color. The storytelling through the music video alone is outstanding. The feeling and meaning behind the song is felt and portrayed so well in each and every scene. In addition to the creative music video and storytelling, Artlover’s versatility as an artist is showcased very well throughout this music video as she both sings and raps on the track.

The song itself is almost hypnotizing. There is a definite strong beat throughout the song, which compliments her vocals beautifully, but the song also has a very laid back – almost indie – feel to it. This aspect of the music makes it extremely easy to listen to repeatedly. (While the aesthetic aspect makes it very easy to watch repeatedly as well). In addition to the hypnotic aspect of the music itself, the unique vocals and the strong rap parts are very well done. It’s actually hard to believe that this track is her debut track! 

One thing that is abundantly clear about this track, and Artlover in general, is that she has an extremely unique voice and is working hard to figure out how to utilize it to her benefit. There is an incredible amount of raw talent present in this music video and in this song. And what Artlover creates with it, as time goes on, will be very interesting to see. She is certainly an artist that we will be keeping our eyes on!

Have you seen the video? If not you can watch it here! Of course, we want to know what you think so leave us a comment!

Artlover Want U Back MV


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