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ASTRO bring fans into their store with “Baby”

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ASTRO has made their best comeback to date with “Baby” from their latest album, The Dream Part.01.  This upbeat track features their lovely voices and some amazing guitar riffs.

I loved the entire concept of the video.  The boys interact with the viewer much like one of those ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ videos.  They bring you into the store/restaurant and interact with you while they serve your drink.  The entire video is extremely high quality and each scene is so clear and crisp, it’s insane.  The vibrant colors used throughout the clip in the background and with the props on the set just add to how high quality it looks.

I loved how the video transitioned from being int the restaurant to individual rooms where each boy had some sort of speciality.  While their rooms seemed simple, the bold colors and props they interacted with gave it far more depth.  Plus, their adorable smile weren’t more than enough to make the room perfect!

The song itself is so much fun.  It has the same flair as many of their other tracks, and I can honestly say, they’re the only group that I think can consistently pull off this vibe!  They incorporated a more masculine feel to this song and video while still staying close to their roots.

Probably my favorite piece of the entire clip was the bottles and menu, unfortunately couldn’t see all items on the menu, but I did catch a few!


Red – Energy, Passion, Warm, Love

Orange – Cheerful, Lively, Jolly

Yellow – Hopeful, Happy, Delightful, Joyful

Green – Stable, Natural, Youth, Healing, Power

Blue – Clean, Pure, Success, Fine, Healthy

Navy –

Purple –

Check out ASTRO’s comeback song below!  Also, check out some of the images below!

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