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ASTRO Is Crazy Sexy Cool In Their Dance Practices Dance Practice

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Astro dance practice

ASTRO (아스트로) has released not one but two dance practices for their latest title track “Crazy Sexy Cool” (니가 불어와). This song belongs to their 5th mini-album “Dream Part 02”. It talks about love, a person that is like a dream to them, making it easy for them give love.

They first released the version in which they eagerly dance to the choreography of the song.

As you could see, the dance itself is fast paced, requiring a lot of energy to perform. Thus, by the end of the video it shows how hard it is for them to breathe after practicing. The begging and the ending of the choreography are linked, giving balance to it. Many of the steps have a classical pop or disco feeling to them

I specially enjoyed the different formations and relays that they did throughout the choreography. Also, the turns were both, clean and fast.

Special dance practice

Days after, Fantagio released a special version that requires more than a pair of eyes to watch. Let me explain, there is actually another video inside this one. On the right lower corner you can find a zoomed video, which is actually different to the main one! (the lyrics on the song also mention a “closer zoom”). See for yourself:

I bet Ahora have loved this version, it shows more of the “crazy” side of Astro, while the official video was more about the “sexy and cool”. They are all wearing different customers from the music video as well, adding more fun to it (specially the glasses gave them more to play with). The interactions among them all are cute and shows they are really enjoying themselves.

I looks like the members of Astro have a lot of sides to them that are showing us these days! What are your thoughts on these videos?

ASTRO Crazy Sexy Cool Dance Practice


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