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ASTRO Release A Stunning Music Video Teaser For “Always You”

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Update July 19, 2018:

ASTRO released the music video teaser for their upcoming return with Rise Up.  Check out the stunning visuals in the music video teaser below and stay tuned for ASTRO’s return.

Update July 18, 2018:

ASTRO has fans beyond excited with the release of their highlight medley for Rise Up.  Take a listen to it below.

Update July 16, 2018:

ASTRO dropped the track list for their upcoming return!  Their new album will contain 5 tracks in total, including their title track “Always You”.  Check out their track list below.


Update July 14, 2018:

ASTRO continues to release gorgeous teaser images for their upcoming return with Rise Up.  Check them out below.

astro-sunrise7astro-sunrise6astro-sunrise5astro-sunrise4astro-sunrise3astro-sunrise2astro-sunriseUpdate July 13, 2018:

ASTRO rock black and white in the latest teaser images for their upcoming return with Rise Up.  Check out these handsome boys below.

astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6astro-blue-sky6Update July 12, 2018:

ASTRO revealed the schedule for their upcoming return, or as they call it, their ‘departures’.  There’s quite a few teasers on the way, so stay tuned!

Update July 11, 2018:

ASTRO dropped the first teaser photos for their upcoming return with Rise Up, their special mini album.  Check it out below.

astro-rise-upOriginal Article:

ASTRO will be making a comeback and have already released the first of many wonderful teasers!

The group dropped a mysterious teaser image on July 9, 2018, featuring a plane with their logo on the wing. In the teaser, it reads “ASTRO Airline – New Destination: Aroha”.  At the bottom of the teaser it reads “ASTRO TO AROHA” with the date July 24, 2018 at 18:00.

The upcoming album is said to be a special treat for fans!  Stay tuned for more teasers and for ASTRO’s new album to drop on July 24, 2018!

astro-new-destinationastro New Destination


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