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ASTRO release the track list for their 5th mini album Dream Part.02

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After dropping a stunning set of teaser photos for their upcoming release of Dream Part.02, ASTRO has revealed their track list!

Their upcoming 5th mini album will contain 5 tracks, including “Run”, “Butterfly”, and the surprisingly named “Crazy Sexy Cool”. Quite a few people participated in the composition and arrangement of this album, including Adrian McKinnon, Jake K of Full8loom, and various members from e.one.

Check out ASTRO’s track list for Dream Part.02 below!

ASTRO Dream Part 2 Track List ASTRO Dream Part 2 Track List ASTRO Dream Part 2 Track List

Don’t forget to check out the ASTRO Aroha Anthem Project!

UPDATE: Along with the track list, ASTRO also revealed their highlight medley!  The album preview they released sounds incredible, with a few second snippet from each of the tracks.

Check it out below!

UPDATE: The group revealed a beautiful music video teaser for “Crazy Sexy Cool”!

ASTRO Dream Part 2 Track List


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